Apple announcing what it plans to do with its' 97 billion cash on hand!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mr. M, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Mr. M

    Mr. M

  2. shrty smoked again. I nice 30+ dollar pop and maybe finally we will have a shrt term top in this beast.
  3. Word is they plan to offer a 35 cents per share dividend.
  4. Perhaps buy back some AAPL shares.
  5. thats not even 0.3% div yield why bother?
  6. They're buying Verizon.
  7. Should buy Yahoo.
  8. Mr. M

    Mr. M

    While I did laugh at this initially; purchasing a carrier would ensure the longevity of it's product line while increasing Apple's ability to control its' business ecosystem.
  9. No point in owning Yahoo.

    But owning either the pipes or the content would allow them to take the next evolutionary step.
  10. Im sure Steve Jobs had made a very detailed plan before he passed away and hand chose Tim Cook to carry out that plan. Im sure there were detailed discussions and even written out plans on how to handle that pile of money.

    I will put my two cents in on this issue. I think the analysts want a dividend, but Tim Cook will not give them one. Instead, they will use that money to develop more products. Why give away a dividend when you dont really need to?
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