Apple and Google

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Googles earnings miss is very significant in my view. what it does is shed light on the fact that even companies that dominate a market eventually feel the pressures of competition and price erosion. although Google is the number 1 search engine and i believe it will remain so, they are starting to experience normal maturity pains.
    If Apple choke in any way, the run is over.
    the only blip that could be justified is if they miss due to demand being so strong for the Iphone that there were supply constraints that hurt sales which invariably will be made up in the future.
    All runs come to an end. Price line could be next even though its down 200 from the high.
  2. Did anyone tried/verified chart setting scan at
    Stock Charts Settings
    (you have to follow the link to signals to see an indicator settings).

    As I see the best performance for GOOG could be from Ultimate Oscillator, TSI, Force Index and V-MACD (you ave to sort by scan results)