Apple admits repair business hurts their bottom line

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    Therefore they use shitty tactics like intentionally slowing down older devices and forcing obsolescence. Never had any of these issues on my 5 year old Samsung with automatic updates all the way through. Lightweight/clean/open-source versus bloated/clunky/proprietary.

    20 years from now Apple will be the betamax and android the VHS (sorry millenials you won't understand).
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    It's legitimately impressive that even in a mundane completely non-controversial topic like this one, there is always one asshole who manages to blame/shit talk/look down upon millennials for something that doesn't even matter and is frankly an absolutely terrible analogy anyway.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go get the rest of my avocado toast from the kitchen.
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    Ayn Rand

    This is just wrong. It is like saying that you can not fix your car.

    Apple has long fought efforts that would make iPhones easier to repair: It has lobbied against right to repair efforts in several states, doesn’t sell iPhone replacement parts, sued an independent repair professional in Norway, worked with Amazon to get iPhone and MacBook refurbishers kicked off Amazon Marketplace, and has deals with electronics recyclers that require them to shred iPhones and MacBooks (as opposed to allowing them to be refurbished.) The Department of Homeland Security, meanwhile, has seized iPhone replacement parts from prominent right to repair activists in the United States.

    Unsure how this can even be close to being legal.

    If you do have an Apple phone or other product do try to break the habit next time you update.
  5. As a fellow millennial, your input wasn't needed in this thread loser... Go get the rest of your loses together instead of your toast destriero/gaussian, same narcissist rage and constant self high praising and trying to belittle others, you have to be the same clown behind both accounts. I guess when your broke, the manners cease right
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    He's calling millennials young; hardly an insult.
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    How do you expect a consumerism fueled culture to stay off consumerism? They'll pass legislation to remove cars off the road for being "unsafe" and they'll stop updating old HW so it gets littered w/viruses and thus banned off networks. I hate updating my phone as it's no longer for "improvement" purposes.
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    A phone these days can easily stay put for 3-4 years. For something that gets used so heavily, no biggie is to update it once in a while.
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    This is what we thought 20 years ago with Apple computers. Everyone thought that without Apple embracing the OA and charging premium prices for their proprietary closed interface and peripheral architecture, Apple would never make it in the desktop business. Boy was everyone wrong.
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    I liked your post because you reminded me to throw you on ignore. Thanks.
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