Apple: A Major Short 11-28-2008

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ByLoSellHi, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Do you trade?

    Do you have a position in AAPL?

    You don't get a margin call when you are not on margin, so this is not a concern.
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  2. S2007S


    Bull alert

    AAPL is headed down below $75 and probably drop below $50 after sales across their product line slow down greatly over the next 18 months.
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  3. It may, but I am curious why you and your alter ego give a shit. It is most perplexing to me why people who have no financial interest in a particular company have such passionate opinions about it, regardless how stupid and ill-informed.

    My guess is that you are tired of the AAPL hype, never shared in its incredible performace over the years (I have) and quite frankly are irritated about it. I suspect the constant iPhone TV commercials remind you of this feeling and only remind you of this frustration when you are not otherwise thinking about AAPL. This therefore explains why you are hoping, wishing and anticipate relishing that AAPL drops in price.

    Because losers enjoy seeing other people lose, even if it benefits them none.

    I personally don't have deep emotional desires to see stocks I don't fvcking own drop in price. It puts not one penny in my account.
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  4. lol not gonna happen. Apple immune to this very shallow recession
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  5. I agree, they are immune and look very strong or else they would be down like I dont know $70 per share in the last 3 months.
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  6. Um maybe AAPL is down 70$ because the Nasdaq is off 50%? Everything is selling off, regardless of the fundamentals.
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  7. Everything has been hit in this market, hell even Berkshire Hathaway. There maybe a minor slowdown in apples sales, but people buy apple products because there cool. They don't feel the same about dell or the others. Apple will slow down when it gets to big, but people getting tired from there products i don't think so. So you didn't short them around 200 and now you want short them around 90? Any upswing in the market regardless of how brief will destroy your capital.
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  8. Kalparker,

    You are right in your thinking but you are missing the point: these people bashing AAPL don't feel strongly enough about what they are saying to put their money behind it. THEY ARE NOT SHORT OR LONG AAPL.
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  9. I see, I have a friend who picks stocks to go long or short. He thinks hes a genius, but he never invests in them. When hes wrong he's like oh well, when he's right I can't shut him up. I can't stand people like that, who spread there ideas, but lack the courage to back them up with cash.
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  10. Your at the wrong site buddy. No one here at ET has ever made a bad call or admitted a mistake. :D
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