Apple: A Major Short 11-28-2008

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  1. Where were MSFT, CSCO, ORCL and DELL when the SP500 retested 1550 in 2007 after 2000?

    Old leaders are rarely new leaders.
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  2. Have a little patience.

    We will retest the lows we put in this year, and Apple is not the rare fruit it once was, now competing in a very crowded space that at one time wasn't,IMO.

    I may be right, I may be wrong, but I certainly try not to engage in hubris.

    Times are so incredibly bizarre, one doesn't know whether to expect hyper-deflation or hyper-inflation.
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  3. Steve Jobs' health is in serious question. Without his leadership, AAPL will no longer be a powerhouse. A long term short is not a bad position. Just don't initiate until the technicals line up. I wouldn't be surprised if AAPL hits the 50s within a year.
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    For me, I am long AAPL at 111 and have written an Apr 09 120 call against it.


    So, are you doom and gloomers short AAPL? If so, at what price?

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  5. There's no rule that states you have to have an open position to comment on a stock.

    If there were, this site wouldn't exist.

    So GFY.

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  6. Thank you, and keep paper trading, piker.
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  7. If you hadn't noticed, this thread was bait for stock_trd3r, and he snagged it like a dull big mouth bass, with a $200 aapl call (while leaving the date vague).

    If I pressed him on the date, I'm sure he'd say before Santa comes to his chimney.

    He may just get some lumps of coal.
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  8. AAPL's at $92. Are you just going to keep averaging down until you blow up? Good luck with that.
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  9. None of your concern, son. I'm the only one with the balls so far to disclose a position and prove that I have a have chosen to vote with my wallet. Which is more than I can say for you.
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  10. Having a set of balls won't help you pay for that margin call...SON
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