Apple: A Major Short 11-28-2008

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    Just like GOOG, AOL, BRCM, CSCO, INTC, DELL, MSFT, RIMM, AMZN, EBAY werent they all EXTREMELY STRONG AT ONE TIME????????????????

    Stocks DO NOT stay strong forever...
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  2. Is this a trade you've taken?

    A decline in the broader market could easily take AAPL below $80. But IMO Apple won't underperform the market by much, and might well overperform. If you do a straight specs comparison of Apple's products versus the competition, the former has always been tremendously overpriced. They can get away with it because the kids who buy ipods, iphones, macbooks etc. do so because it's something of a fad, not because of price. Bargain-hunters never turned to Apple to begin with, so they won't be turned away by price competition.
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  3. yea but those are the stocks most likely to rebound the most when the market does
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  4. Oh God - you again.

    7700 bear posts.

    And you don't trade...

    And you probably don't have any AAPL position...
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  5. aapl going back to 200 soon. google 750 soon
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  6. I wonder if folks looking for long-term, big-dollar short profits on AAPL have thought about the implications of such a bet for the broader market. This is a company with one of the best balance sheets in the world - I have no problem seeing it touch $60 - or roughly 2x cash - but then we're probably talking about < 400 on the SPX.

    Given the current volatility levels, saying it should see $80 when it is already around $90 isn't even a "call" - such a small move barely even qualifies as background noise.

    All IMO, etc.

    Disclosure: short AAPL puts, net price if assigned is in the upper $60s.
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  7. Yeah baby!!!

    The bait just got snatched!!!

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  8. Now THAT sounds like a good trade!

    What's BLSHi's position in AAPL?
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  9. Ouch! :eek:

    I suppose AAPL will be even more of a major short when it hits $100! :D

    Now if you were to show that you actually were holding shorts in AAPL when you told everyone they should short AAPL, then I'd stop ribbin' ya and offer you some sincere sympathy (or at least let this thread slide away into silent death).
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  10. When the dow retests 14,000 AAPL will be above 230
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