Apple: A Major Short 11-28-2008

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  1. iPhone and Macbook sales will falter. iPhone suffering too much saturation and competition in recession; Macbook too pricey compared to PC competition, which is also suffering and undercuts Apple prices by widest margins in years even after Apple cuts prices.
  2. impressive analysis...
  3. Ok. What's your downside target?
  4. Are you S2007S?
  5. Are you stock_turdler?
  6. Daal


    Stock is already off 50%. tell us your entry point if you are really confident
  7. A lot of stocks are down 90% or more. I don't expect that kind of downside with AAPL.

    Apple was @ 96 when I originally posted - I don't think 80 w/in the next month or two is out of the question.
  8. low 50's by end of January....ouch. :eek:
  9. Are you short AAPL? Talking your book?
  10. That's rather non-commital language. Regardless, it's already been below that - twice - in the past few weeks.
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