Apple 600 target or 480 price target ?

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  1. With a small overall correction going on in tech does Apple have a new cycle of earnings here? Our household was BBY vs. Apple for years now we are Android vs Apple.

    Its a while before buying a new Mac Book Pro and the Iphone is a phone that people don't lose. What is the growth metric here.

    I say both targets will be hit. I think after a short decline to 480 with transfer to strong market hands the net rise will occur after they raise the dividend again and return value to shareholders leaving it at 600 range for a long time.

    The MSFT strategy may be what they adopt for the next 10 years. Pay dividends and make earnings for the company- Innovation is dead at APPLE for now.

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    I think assigning dividends to a company that "had" strong growth is a sign of slow growth to come, I think AAPL will slowly become an INTC, a MSFT, etc.
  3. This is the reasoning behind Carl Ichan's proposal to prop up the stock. If they can generate revenue from their cash position and return it to shareholders they can maintain a good range. The dividend is the only tool they have left.
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    Unfortunately, most powerful appeal AAPL has left is it's cash on hand.
  5. AAPL Earnings 4/23 and unsolicited thoughts:

    Bought at $415 a few months back. The longer term chart shows Apple is consolidating under the YTD open. This week's direction is up, therefore I expect a very strong trend higher to begin if it climbs past $550 today (otherwise a move back to ~$400 is logical)

    Another one on my radar for big upside ($150+) potential is CAT. Recently it put in a long term bottom (at old high prior to a major correction) Bought at $87. Just waiting on an earnings est upgrade. LOL

  6. Nice trade there freedomshark!
  7. I think this, earnings were good, hit around 565 and will continue up. then around November/september when the market will fall heavily it will tick to 480 by before stock split prices. I think that predicting its floor is useless. Observe. Could fall to 400. Theres no real telling.

    i think it will tick over 600. apples buy back plans, sudden interest again by investors after this being a sleepy stock and bull market will move this up. Plus release of new products seems to be on everyone minds, which is something to take note of but remember that Jobs left them product designs to last till 2014. Say cook ticks around with shit and pushs it, eventually they will end up attempting to buy uniqueness and creativity only to be forgotten. It could be different, no one knows the future.
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    I was up in the air on which way to go right up until about 30 minutes until the close today.

    I was already long AAPL from a swing trade a while back and considered using options for my earnings play. I changed by mind and decided to cycle out, hoping for a decent earnings surprise.

    I had one short position (TSLA) that I was considering carrying until next day, but at the last minute decided to close it out as well.

    When it became clear AH that a big move was in order due to the stock being halted, I canceled my orders and waited for the massive pop that was coming.

    So much "good" news all at once it's no surprise with the 40+ point pop AAPL saw after they opened AH trading back up.

    NQ futures went up fast and I have a feeling AAPL will ride this one for a while. I'll probably sell 1/2 of my position and hold AAPL long for a while now.

    There was so much negative sentiment from all directions for AAPL coming in to this one that the report along with FB having a good earnings should carry the NQ for a little while.
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    I don't trade AAPL but this is my observation:
    Steve Jobs never cared about AAPL stock price. He did not want to comment on /manipulate AAPL stock price. He said my responsibility is to lead the innovation and the stock will follow that. On the contrary, COOK did almost nothing. Now he is in the hands of Ichan and wall street gangs. The only way that he can satisfy them is through stock buyback and dividend and split. I am afraid AAPL might follow the path of BBBY.
  10. I watched an episode of Jimmy Fallon last night from last week. He was making fun of AAPL for being Samsung's little bro. Investment bankers are now writing jokes for late night shows to get into our subconscious. LOL!!

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