Appl Of My Eye Or Poison Appl?

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    had a banner day with a big spike-where is mkt headed fed rescuing naghty boys and girls or giving cramer a rubdown and a shihautsu?
    where is reality these days-institutions are holding their money tightly-what are your oppinion's good fellows?
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    I believe we test the bottom again . Then start treading higher to year end. Until we start getting some serious "real" job loss this economy will go higher
    Steve Jobs is a genius . I could not believe how many people were buying products in the Apple store this weekend. Apple is a split candidate should send this higher..
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    Jobs lowed the price of the I phone because he already new he made his numbers and hit the 1 million unit number. The price cut is going to hurt its competitors. This is now a real and very serious cell phone manufacture.
  4. but they need to make sure that the phone is WIMAX network capable and lower the price some more-only WHITE AMERICA EUROPE-and the wealthy around the world can afford apple products-if recession is coming sales fall and kaboom- i do not want to be holding this stock on a reset like that -i have small cajones-WILL FED EASE THE INTEREST RATES????????????
    that is the trillion dollar question
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    This product is a great value for what you get. There is no other product out there. Dont listen to the media. We are not going into a recession. Just pay attention the ernings of Comp companies to appl. That will tell u the market outlook. Dell states"Sales are great world wide" so there you have it. If Dell states that what do u think apple has to say?
  6. overpriced worldwide APPL-dell sells discounted items and world is in a bubble-i was just in spain and dublin-HUGE HOUSING BUBBLES-near collapse-be afraid no one will buy when crash comes
  7. part one
    NOW... looking at what transpired behind the scenes today- there was some profit taking by the bigboys-APPL was # 13 in all stocks on wsj with a outflow of $16 million dollars-(GO TO WSJ ONLINE LOOK UNDER STOCKS AND LOOK UNDER MONEY FLOWS-BUYING ON WEAKNESS/SELLING INTO STRENGTH)they(bigboys) sold shares into strength/and prolly took some profits-we are trending sideways and setting up a trading range albeit schizophrenic one ,but... if DAYTRADERS do not get too greedy and manage time things right there is some money to be made because APPL is volitile-know you are competing with hedge funds with large bankroll/power to move a stock wherever they please to capture daytraders money!
    TOMORROW WILL BE A DOWN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Now long term investors...
    If the FED does not relax the prime lending rate america is in trouble-normal citizens small busines owners-some large also-will be going bankrupt
    that is the honest truth
    the BANKS-financial institutions will end up with a lot of properties/land and will have eliminated would be competitors for the next upturn-if DEMOCRATS end up in the oval office, FED will pull a JIMMY CARTER(do some reading) -WAR will be over and we will face a RECESSION(large one) DEMOCRATS will battle it sucessfully(like clinton did) and republicans will want to steal the prosperity the democrats created by RESPONSIBLE FISCAL POLICY (HILLARYCLINTON/OBAMA) will be the winners-PEACE IN MIDDLE EAST-and DAVIDS/SOLOMONS TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM WILL BE REBUILT-prosperity will happen for all(WORLDWIDE) under a guise of false peace-disaster will come 2012-thats a whole nother story!
    now like i said ,for long term investors you will weather a storm if above actions take place
    APPLE will not do so well in recession-there will be a major reset-people will not have money to buy luxury items-the common folk that is-rich always will-but poor are the majority by 90% of population-now this recession will be world wide if it happens there is a domino effect-good time to rebuy APPLE will be in 2009 summer-that is if you take your profits before institutions take theirs(and they will just like 99/00) leaving mom and pops and whoever else holding the bag!>>> continued…

    lots of money to be made and lost off of all of this all you have to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY FLOW!!! if the flow is out of the market then everything is headed down-look to a run on bonds being bought as another indicator of institutions leaving the market-SUBSCRIBE TO INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY-they have a generally honest unbiased view of market one of the few left reporting for reporting sake-if you see institution run down on APPLE short it to make money or cash out and sit on sidelines-financial institutions will weather the storm along with energy supplier's-everything else down-most small business will not survive bad recession-mortgage and homebuilders going down hard if not BK-
    what else can i say- i have tried to share some info with you all
    the stockmarket is designed to take DAYTRADERS/RETAIL TRADERS money and put it into the pockets of other bigger fish-computer tracing progams are used to keep track of what you do and MARKET MAKERS KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING-your daytrading platform provider hedges against what ever you do so as to make as much money as they can-all owned by big banking secret society folks now-yes it has changed for the worse for retail traders(THEY MAKE INTEREST OFF OF YOU HOLDING YOUR POSITION OVERNIGHT long or short on margin)hedge funds have computer trading programs that can tell how many retailers are in a stock and can TIME THE BID/ASK to move the market whichever way will shake the tree hard enough to get some retail fruit-
    ALWAYS FOLLOW BIG MONEY TRAIL if you do you have a 50/50 chance-if you ignore that fact the odds are way against you

    now as for me/us ...
    we cashed out today-and closed the scottrade account we have made and lost a fortune in the last 6 months-its been a wild ride/education experience for sure-WE are done with the market for now-25 k for a good education is a fair deal-RETAIL BROKERS got rich from us-and not always fair-but life is not fair -so we sit in cash and are moving to the beach lord willing-and watch the drama unfold
    with apple and a lot of other companies and the national/international economies
    my apologies to anyone i have offended-i have been transparent and honest-a little emotional at times-fear does that- but keeps you from beingf eaten by large critters!
    we will be watching but not playing-good time to buy a house in the right place!