Appl has reached near the bottom..

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stocktrader2007, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Its gonna run around 160 for a while..

    Sure it run back to 200 soon..after christmas
  2. Thats what I'm thinking, too. Tech is gonna have a great 2008 and a rebound in dec.
  3. and i think you both are one and the same ASSHOLE
  4. Not that I'm endorsing either OPs (since neither generally backs up any comments with any research), but as far as bubbles go, historically speaking, if this is a 98 style correction (which I'm still weakly holding on to the thesis, at least for nasdaq), there is still conceivable room to run. An equivalent run to csco's pk, would imply a nasdaq 3000 run.

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  5. I think the year-end rally trade is getting crowded...
  6. AAPL is a very difficult case. So I wouldn't consider it at all. It isn't a hollow bubble since this company is successful as hell. A visionary company that generates one blockbuster after another and the stock price has followed them all the way up.

    However with the current market condition many will want to take the profits that have been accumulating for several years now. Basically since Steve Jobs re-joined Apple in 1997 to make it a turnaround play. PEG is moderate considering the growth BUT what else will come after the iPhone? Will their products be successful with weakening buying power of the consumer? What if the growth does continue but at a slower pace? Are investors willing to give it a shot, too? I would let it sell off nicely before even thinking about entering a long position. And this, my fellow investors, will take a few months.

  7. No comparison between AAPL now and CSCO in 1998. CSCO had a much much higher PE ratio than aapl.
  8. agreed. not to mention the fact cisco suffered from a bubble bursting in the TECH sector, not the financial as is now. however im no AAPL to 200 man at all. These tech stocks have been overpriced since this whole subprime mess started and are not going to go up any time soon

  9. Comparing AAPL to CISCO is like comparing a Mountian Lion to your cat...

  10. There are so many buyers sitting on the sidelines that AAPL can run to 200 in a blink of an eye. It is one of the most well sought after the world.

    I admire the courage of those who dare to short apple and manage to hang on to their shirts...
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