APPL---classic double top

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  1. AAPL has formed a classic double top,if it closes below todays low tomorrow or the next few days,its a short for a very quick 20 points.
  2. 20 points is less than 10%.

    but it sounds like an amazing prediction

    not impressed, a limp call.
  3. Hum, strong buy...
  4. Except for some two drops in '08 and one in '06, AAPL's been a strong buy for the past 10-years! You'd be up over 1000% in that time or +75% in the last year alone. Much easier to just hold it rather than trying to squeeze out a measly 10% here and there.

    There are better stocks to be actively trading, such as VCI. Up 500% this year alone, with 20-25% swings for those tracking breakouts and reversals.
  5. how to spot a bad trader in public forums?

    anyone wanting to short one of the strongest stocks in the market
  6. how to spot another bad trader on a forum?
    decides not to short a strong stock when it starts breaking down.

    remember,i said a quick 20 points; who care's if it resumes its down trend.
    i am already up nicely.
  7. tell us when you cover, and not after it bounces 10 points.
  8. well,considering i'm up almost 20 points already......
  9. And shorting a weaker one?

    how much would you be up?
  10. AAPL has been acting weaker than most tech stocks this week. you guys need to watch the tape.
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