appl bull spread

Discussion in 'Options' started by johnson232, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I have 30 contracts Nov 185/180
    I really don't want to buy 3000 shares of apple. My max risk is around 4k
    is Ratio back spread a good idea. I don't really want collar.

    Thanks in advance
  2. wayneL



    It's just the synthetic of what you already have. :confused:

    PS - If you don't want the shares, roll the options out/up/down/whatever or just exit.
  3. If AAPL finishes over 185, you will not have a stock position.

    If stock is below 185, and you don't want 3000 shares of AAPL, BE CERTAIN TO SELL YOUR LONG OPTIONS PRIOR TO EXPIRATION.

    Cover the shorts if necessary.

  4. Thanks guys I have engaged a professional to make these trades and I was shocked to see what happened to my portfolio last week. I have been assured that things look much worse than they are and to just hang in.
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    LOL. Simple numbers don't look any better or worse than they are. Your P&L is what the quotes tell you it is and someone's assurances of anything different are worthless.

    Make sure your "professional" knows what he is doing and even more importantly, make sure you understand what he is doing and that it is acceptable to you.

  6. BIG mistake

  7. I'm interested to see what apple does here. Assuming you have a vertical spread you are still safe until 183.50 at expiration.

    I don't know how long you have been holding on to this but if you are unsure take your profit and run dude!
  8. been trading bull puts since august.
    already have those profits. If I can get through this week time decay will kick in or may be aapl will find support at 185

    otherwise I will need to adjust the trade before expiration. Come on sideways !!