APPL : Back up over $90 with MacWorld next week ??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jimmygold, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Nice movement on Friday. I got in
    @ $80.72 !! I see possibly some more price appreciation with the advent of new exciting product unveiling at Mac World on Jan. 8-12...
    Could we reach $90,$100, $110 ???
    They always play this thing up big time. Last year the stock zooomed up at this time.

    It will be interesting

    What do you all think ?
  2. asap


    It all depends on whether Steve has an iPhone prototype to show off or not. An iPhone product announcement would make everybody very jumpy about AAPL stock.

  3. I am certain a delay was already announced with respect to the iPhone, so that has already been priced in. Anything other than this at the show, would be a bonus.

    The real breaking news announcement to move the stock will be coming the following week and a half with their earnings. We are talking about net income well above 1/2 a billion bucks.
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    these type of things dont really define price moves. any new product/idea speculation is already priced in. products obviously DO matter...but with due respect, your view of the action/reaction displays a lack of experience.

    The price pop last week was due to Steve Jobs being pardoned internally. Also, many prices do correct upward at the beginning of is called "the january effect".

    to show the other side of the coin consider the following:
    1. startng the second week in january 2006 AAPL took a 41% decline lasting several months.
    2. despite the hype...aapl was almost flat for 2006.

    always think of both sides...and dont worry about products and stuff like that....worry about controlling your risk. money management is #1 and always will be.
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    nice entry.
    who sold it to you? That Blue guy?
  6. :D :D :D

  7. Actually in all due respect , I think you are a little off here.

    First of all,The pop last week had NOTHING to do with the JaNUARY EFFECT. It was still December. You were right in your original assertion about Jobs being cleared. But this last assertion makes no sense at all. Simply because it was NOT january. DUH !! Dec.30th and Jan 1St is worlds apart on Wall st.

    Secondly, it was not the starting of the second week in January that AAPL began its decline last year.It was the starting of the third week. Jan 17th 2006 to be exact. So do your homework, Mr. Experience. ;)

    Incidentally, I also had a swing postion with AAPL last year at this time.
    The price appreciation during these first two weeks last January took off. And the main factor along with the January effect was atributed to what Steve Jobs said at MacWorld . He commented on how sales were so much higher than expected in December. The stocks appreciation was DIRECTLY related to this. So get your facts straight, skippy !! Whether its product introduction like Iphones or positive comments by Jobs , Mac World is and will be a big deal once again. And contrary to what you say, it will be a important impetus to the price movement of this stock.

    BTW you will also notice the stock apppreciated up until the point right before Earnings last year. I sold the day before figuring there would be a sell on the news.. I was right.

    I got in this position last week because I believed the news of the Options issue had been an overreaction by the street and was already priced in the stock as it went down to $76 or so.

    I saw a perfect opportunity for a nice 2 week swing trade. And right now my assertions have been correct in my position I currently have with AAPL.
    About a 7% gain in just a day and I have a good feeling Jobs and AAPL will once again have alot to say at Mac World. And much like last year it will drive the stock up.

    In all due respect, hows that for experience skippy ?? :)
  8. its a short and thats all there is to it...

    SUCH internal weakness while the market rallies over 100 points.
  9. particularly proud of this one.
  10. No doubt - 100% or greater return on several different put strikes since your 1st post/call.
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