AppianX not working HELP !

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by miyagi, Oct 17, 2001.

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    Just switched from an ATI Radeon dualhead AGP to an Appian X PCI so that I could add a third monitor, I get video through the ATI card, but nothing from the Appian. The drivers for the card appear fine in Device Manager and in Display settings I enabled the monitors on the Appian and extended my desktop to them, but I have yet to see anything from the monitors on the Appian card. The monitors are fine as I checked each one on the ATI.
    I would check the Appian website but it is currently down. Is this a BIOS thing ? Please Help !

    Miyagi :confused:
  2. What o/s are you using? When I installed Win2000 I had two identical ATI video cards on the pc. They had worked fine with 98. It worked fine on one but the second monitor was screwed up. I tried everything. Same drivers, same everything. I had another video card in the closet, popped it in and everything was fine. I wonder if 2000 has some quirks.
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    I'm using Windows 2000 on a Dell Dimension 4100 Pentium III at 933Mhz, 512 mb ram. I agree that W2000 must have some big bugs in it; I just installed it two weeks ago and after I downloaded the service pack and restarted my computer it wouldn't boot-up. After I fixed the installation that the service pack destroyed it's worked fine though.

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    Try going to the Appian website and download the latest driver. I also had problems when I installed my card, but after I downloaded a beta driver for Win2k there hasn't been any problems.