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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by macal425, Oct 7, 2001.

  1. I currently run a 2 monitor system using an Appian Jeronimo Pro dual video card. I also use NT4 as my operating system.
    Does anyone know if I can use another Appian dual card to ramp up to 4 monitors or would I have to get a 4 monitor card.
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    Hi macal!

    Problem is NT4 absolutely does not support multiple video cards. It will support multiple monitors (as is your setup, and my setup) but only one card. To use more than 2 monitors you'll either need the appropriate Appian card, or switch to Win2000 which does support multiple cards (so does W98 but it's garbage), or add another computer with NT4 and a dual-monitor card. This last suggestion is nice in that it provides hardware redundancy. But it's not nice in that most brokerages don't allow multiple logons to the same account (RealTick and IB don't, Cyber does, not sure who else).
  3. You can run multiple dual cards in NT4. My NT4 is drivin' two Matrox G450's (dual cards) over four nineteen inchers with no problems whatsoever. Runs like a charm. Easiest thing I ever installed. However, I have no idea 'bout Appian though...

    Bucky Lee
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    The distinction between Magna's and Bucky Lee's comments is simply this:

    Although the NT4 does not have bulit-in support for multiple video cards, you can still pull it off if you have third-party software to manage the video cards and multi-monitor functionality. Hydravision, the software that comes with Appian products, can manage up to four Appian cards at once, so in your case you could add another Jeronimo Pro to your system with no problem. However, you might have a hard time finding another two-port Jeronimo Pro, as they have been discontinued for quite a while.
  5. Thanks Magna & Baron, I appreciate the advice. Had luck on Ebay with my last card for $100, may try the same again.
  6. How about me? Where's my thanks? I helped you too! :-(
  7. Bucky Lee
    You're name is on my ignore list but since you posted an answer in my thread I gave you the benefit of the doubt and read your posts.
    Thank You for your advice, however I will continue to ignore you in other threads.
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    Careful running PC Anywhere with Appian Cards, they have a conflict but there's a workaround...Appian have good tech support regarding this matter.
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    I have been using an Appian Jeronimo Pro Quad card since late '99 and it works great. I have Windows 98 SE on my machine now but just bought Windows XP Pro and a new hard drive. Just wondering if anyone else is using this card with Windows XP Pro and if you're using the 1.07 driver which was designed for Windows 2000 and if you had any problems at all. Appian said they're not going to be doing a driver for Windows XP for the Jeronimo Pro and told me to use this one instead. Certainly hope it will work correctly. Thanks for your help.
    PS My computer is a late '99 Dell with 500 mhz PIII Processor 384 megs of ram and I'm installing a 120 gig 8 Mb buffer Western Digital hard drive and I'm using one 20" Sony and two 19" LG Electronics CRT monitors.:)
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    I'm trying to switch over to RealTick 7.6 now and as mentioned in the previous post still have W98 SE and unfortunately every time I try to use one of the drop down menus it locks up the program. Has anyone else had this problem? I will be upgrading to WXP Pro here soon but in the meantime wanted to be able to trade. Thanks for your help.
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