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    I've recently switched my computer from Unix to Windows and I'm used to having multiple monitors. I understand that Windows 2000 does support multiple display adapters. But I'm sick of trying to find video cards that can be used as secondary adapters and wasting additional time.

    Does anyone have any comments between either the Appian or Matrox quad cards. I'm tempted to go with Matrox because I'm familiar with them but I've noticed that Appian is popular with traders.
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    Appian cards are popular among traders for several reasons:

    1. History of good reliability: Appian was doing multi-monitor cards before matrox or practically any other company even considered it. They've been serving the financial community for years and continually test their products on the latest trading platforms to ensure compatibility.

    2. Quality Engineering: In the case of the G400 and G450, Matrox cards have a 300 or 360 Mhz RAMDAC on the first channel but only a 135 or 230 Mhz RAMDAC on the second channel. That means the second monitor can't be driven to the same level of performance as the first one can.

    Why would they do this, you ask? Well, their cards were not designed to be dual monitor products from the beginning, so instead of making a new card from the ground up, they simply added a second channel with inexpensive components to accomodate an additional display. That's why Matrox uses lines like "DualHead functionality is integrated into every board."

    Appian's dual monitor cards are engineered from the ground up to be multi-monitor products. They have dual 330 Mhz RAMDACs to ensure optimal performance on both monitors.

    3. Patented Software: Appian's multi-monitor software, called Hydravision, contains numerous patented technologies that really give it an edge over their competitors. If you talk to anyone who has used both Appian and Matrox cards, they'll tell you that Matrox's software isn't even close to Appian's Hydravision.

    4. Tech Support: Dual monitor video cards are 5% of Matrox's business, so don't expect the specialized tech support that you would get from a company who's entire business is manufacturing multi-monitor cards.
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    I have a matrox dual monitor. Works great under win98.
    The 2 monitors may have different resolutions and high refresh rates as well as many colors.
    very high resolution possible too.
    very stable and energy star compliant.

    applications usually remember on which screen to appear and where. you can move freely from one to the other and decide to set the monitors side by side or one on top etc...
    good price, good performance.
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    I have two computers (networked with Wingate) and 4 nine teen inch monitors. My cards are the Matrox G450 (came that way from Dell). They seem to work just fine, but being computer dumb, am wondering about the Appian. In your opinion which Appian cards would be the choice to use. After all as a beginner, I want every possible advantage in my daytrading. Thanks
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    Instead of using two computers to control your monitors, you could easily install the Appian Jeronimo Pro into one of your machines, which would enable you to control all four monitors at once with a single keyboard and mouse.

    The way you are doing it now is a little cumbersome since you are trying to get the same effect by operating two computers at once. Using the Jeronimo Pro, you would be able to free up one computer to use for whatever purpose you wanted, such as a backup machine.

  6. Nissix


    do u know if the appianX is available yet?
    also how much will the 64mb of this version cost?
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    No, it's not. It looks like it's going to be about two more months.

    The 2-Port version is supposed to be $499 and the 4-Port will be $899. These numbers are tentative, and from what I've heard, they'll probably both be coming down.

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    That was weird... I thought I posted this to the thread but it up someplace else.


    Thank you for your replies.

    I was actually interested in the Matrox G200 series cards not the G400 or G450. The G200 cards appear to be superior to the G400 or G450 cards.

    My concern with the Appian cards were primarily from the fact that their cards were not listed on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility list for Windows 2000. But it sounds like the Appian cards do work under Windows 2000.
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    damn refreshed and double posted
    oh and thx for the reply Baron
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