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    Anyone using an Appian Rushmore that got it to work? Could you tell me exactly the equiptment spec and OS you're able to run it on. Thanks.

    I have one but can't get it to work. I'm about to give it up. Am I entitled to a refund from Appian themselves since I suspect the product or driver is not ready?
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    thanks horseman,

    but I've tried that avenue. Rushmore is not even listed. I'm not pleased being forced to be a retail paying beta tester.
  4. The new appians are only compatible with PCI version 2.2 or higher. Yeah I didn't know there were different versions either. I just upgraded 2 computers with a PCI rushmoor and a PCI typhoon and neither worked so I sent them back (after reading the fine print about the PCI compatability issue) and purchased the AGP typhoons (Typhoon supports 2 Digital flat panels). There is no problem with your card it just works on brand new computers. My machines are 2 yrs old and had PCI 2.1 and none of them worked. The typhoons require AGP 2x, if you don't have that either then you need to buy an older card or a newer computer.
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    thanks for the tip but... I checked, and my board is PCI 2.2 compliant. I bought my system in Oct of 2001. P4 1.6 512DDR Ram running on Shuttle (VIA p4x266 chipset). Below is the link to my motherboard spec in full.

    I have no problem when running ATI Radeon dual AGP, or Matrox G450 AGP. But once I substitute the video boards for the Appian, I can't get it to run under 2K or XP. (Using a clean install with just the OS and Rushmore with no other PCI or AGP cards in the system)

    I wonder if this is a chipset compatibility issue or what?
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    I replaced my Matrox 450 with an Appian Rushmore about a week ago. I am using a 21" tube monitor (1280 x 1024) and a Samsung 191T LCD running in portrait mode (1024 x 1280). My computer is a dual processor HP Kayak XU running Win 2K. The computer is about 3 years old, and I ran into only one problem when installing the second monitor. As stated in the "readme.txt" file, on some setups the 2nd monitor must be connected as the 3rd monitor! The beta Appian Rotate software works fine.

    One thing does tick me off a bit; when I am playing music with the Windows Media Player, graphics display activity can interfer with the media player. I am guessing there is a "bus mastering" contention problem.

    -- John
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    finally, someone that has one working. I guess I'll be going to shop for a replacement motherboard, most likely with an Intel chipset.

    Thanks for pointing it out, I've read all the fine prints, even talked to tech support 3 times; am able to hook up 4 monitors to it in the correct order, but it just freezes after a few minutes of activity (with one, two etc attached). Also attaching a digital viewsonic VG191, I get green pixels randomly lighting up in black backgrounds. Will try with a new motherboard and see the results.

    How's the 191? Am thinking about getting them once I get the Rushmore to work. Either that or an NEC 1880SX with even thinner bezel. After having a 19" myself, I don't want to go smaller, even at the same resolution.
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    This is my first LCD monitor, and I saw some favorable comments about it in Stocks and Commodities. The pixel pitch is slightly larger than my Philips 21" 201P tube monitor, but the Samsung certainly has more contrast. In addition, it puts out far less heat and takes us less desk space than the tube monitors.

    Finally, the 191T's mount allows the monitor to be rotated to portrait mode. You can pack monitors in portrait mode closer together than for landscape mode. My 80 pound tube monitor can only be rotated to portrait mode if I suspend block and tackle from a sturdy hook in the ceiling.
    -- John
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    I'm not sure if this will help, but here's my experience with the Appian Rushmore card. I bought a new Dell Dimension 340 in October or November... 1G memory, 2.2 GHz, big hard drive, Windows 2k... the works. I bought an Appian Rushmore card as soon as they were available to run my four LCD monitors. I got everything hooked up and running, with one weird glitch. There was a bug in the original driver (version 1.01 I think). I could restart my computer without a problem. However, if I ever shut it down, the monitors wouldn't work when I fired the system back up again. In order to get them to work again, I had to physically remove the Rushmore card from my system, reinstall the old video card, uninstall the old video card, then reinstall the Rushmore card. What a pain! Needless to say, I did not shut my computer down... ever... for about six months. I just let it run. However, since I have installed the new driver (version 1.03 I think), everything is working hunky dory. I can even turn my computer off at the end of the day and it fires up just fine when I turn it on the next morning. Every thing is working great.
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    the rotate feature from the video driver is the reason I got the Rushmore in the first place. I'm running my 19' viewsonic in portrait mode, but on an ATI 7500 Radeon on top of Portrait display rotate software. And when I run video on it, the quality is fair to poor. I would untimately like to hook up 6 LCD's, 3 on top 3 on the bottom, so the Sam's are in the running due to the thin bezel. Although my Viewsonic 191 is of the same spec, even has 2.5x longer backlight, the bezel is just too fat.


    fantastic, another person with one working. Yeah, the drivers sure were not ready. I use XP, and non of the hyrdavision, rotate even shows up for it. Nor can you go to suspend. They say they are working on it. Guess I'll have to revert back to 2K. I went to Dell to try to see what kind of chipset/otherboard your model was, but couldn't. Can you give me that info? Easier yet, are you running Rambus memory?
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