Apparently the U.S. has taken out Iran's Quds General

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TreeFrogTrader, Jan 2, 2020.

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    3 Kutyusha rockets though? That is what is being reported.

    Nice shooting, whomever did it.
  3. The fact that this fucker was in Baghdad tells you e everything.... Iran should shut the fuck up...didn't they used to hate Iraq and now they are all buddy buddy sending their military leaders into Iraq.
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  4. Yeh. I don't follow it yet because the reporting is all over the place.

    American's firing kutyusha rockets?

    I don't get it yet. Have to give it a couple hours I guess to see if the story sorts itself out.
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    Now they are saying that a missile struck the welcoming entourage for Soliemani just after he exited his aircraft. Then some rockets hit another area of the airport and have probably been misidentified.

    Its a nice direct communication to the theocracy. If you continue to attack us, our allies and our interests we will kill you. Its uncomplicated, clear and concise.
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    Now the story is that the missile struck an SUV carrying the entourage within the airport.

    A missile struck a moving vehicle. Ok I'm gonna guess Predator firing a Hellfire operated by the CIA. Its a US attack.

    Iran has been asking for this since 1979. It is estimated they were behind the killings of nearly 700 US military personnel over the years. Seems to me that Donald Trump isn't having any of it.

    If they want to escalate.. then fine. Take out a few key members of the theocracy and the regime will collapse. The USA has learned a lot in the last 20 years. There is no bunker strong enough or deep enough anymore.
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    Shiites are a majority in Iraq, Saddam was Sunni.
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    The missile probably locked in on his cell phone.
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    Exogenous events with this potential political magnitude seriously impact mkts. This mkt has been begging for a trigger to swan dive. Futs already<. If Iran starts dumping heavys on Israel it gives Israel the excuse to do what they've been dying to do for years. Indices tank, oil moonshot.
    Edit: gonna be a nervous weekend.
  10. Have any of the dems talked about impeaching Trump for this yet, or do we have to wait until tomorrow for that.

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