Apparently Rats on Cocaine love Miles Davis. Excellent use of Taxpayers dollars.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    I remember posting about a year ago about how they were wasting money to study chimps hopped up on coke, i really thought that was the most depraved waste of tax payers dollars that we would ever see..... turns out i was wrong....

    They should just give those chimps on Jersey Shore some free cocaine and follow them around if they really want to see the side effects of drugs on animals..... It would probably be about the same price....

    Taxpayers may feel kind of blue when they discover their dollars went to fund a study to determine rats like to bop to the music of Miles Davis while hopped up on cocaine.

    The study, which was performed at Albany Medical College, drew jeers from the animal rights group In Defense of Animals and landed it on its top ten list of Real Ridiculous Research.

    The research found that sober rats don’t really like music that much. After the silence, the rats liked Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” more than Miles Davis’s iconic jazz tune “Four.”

    But when the rats were given doses of cocaine, their tasted shifted and they gravitated toward the jazz.


    The studies, which were funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, were aimed at analyzing the links between pharmacology and neurology in drug abuse.

    “These experiments... show that your tax dollars and animals’ lives are frivolously wasted on research that adds nothing to medical progress and tells us nothing we care to know — or didn't know already,” In Defense of Animals wrote in its introduction to the list.

    Albany Medical College protested its spot on the list of ridiculous research.

    “The ultimate goal of this research is to find medications that can help diminish drug cravings in humans,” Jeffrey R. Gordon, spokesman for the medical school, told The Pulse.

    The group, which only focused its ire on National Institutes of Health experiments that involved research on animals, had issues with a few other studies, including one about the sex habits of hamsters.

    Lehigh and University of Minnesota researchers found that putting hamsters on a diet didn’t increase their appetite for the opposite sex.

    The animal rights group dubbed the study another example of wasteful tax dollars spending and “white-coated welfare.”

    A Lehigh University spokesperson begged to differ.

    "This study is part of a line of research that seeks better understanding of behaviors essential to survival, including seeking food and reproduction,” university spokesman Jordan Reese told “How the brain regulates these behaviors is relevant, for example, to understanding the effects of commonly prescribed drugs, including those used to treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and related drugs used to control appetite.”

    Other studies that made the group’s list included the effect of lemon scent on monkey erections, contagious yawning in chimpanzees and the role of single mothers in the prairie vole community.

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  2. Lucrum


    Just another example of our federal government run amok.

    Who in their right mind would even think of spending money we don't have on something like this?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    I like the term that they coined in this article for the scientists who come up with, and get funding for this spurious research.... "White coat welfare" I had never heard that one before....

    Its funny cause ass holes like Krugman are out there talking about how cuts to the government would amount to "inconcievable cruelty," At the same time that studies like this, and 800k GSA office parties are still going on.....

  4. the govt really is out of control. i always wonder when i hear the same stupid fucking studies - who is paying for it? for example, 1 glass of wine a day is good for the heart.. last year: a glass of wine a day is no good for you, etc. Who are the people doing these "studies".. And people accuse daytraders of providing no benefit to society (like that is a crime). wut exactly do the people doing these 'studies' provide? And why the fuck are they funded by tax $$$.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    What pisses me off about the most about this is the apparent complete lack of common sense.... I try to empathize with these bozos who come up with these studies, and think of any possible way that i could think that something like this is a good idea, at a time we are going broke, and i just cant see how a supposed "scientist" could be this fucking stupid, that leads me to believe that these people are just brazen thieves, who are just trying to justify their existence for a pay check, and they dont even give a shit how stupid their ideas are.

    If we are going to waste our money on "white coat welfare" atleast put these ass holes time towards something useful like Cancer research. No one with a conscience, a brain, or a shred of dignity could justify spending tax payers money on something like this.

    Plus it isnt just the scientists, the funding for this kind of shit must have to go through all kinds of different levels of approval how is it that there isnt a single person along the chain of command who sees something like this and says, "maybe this is a bad idea."
  6. ^ agreed it probably went through 5 agencies before they actually got the funding, and no one stopped it. Pathetic. It is either they are so incompetent that they don't understand this is waste, like just burning the money type of waste, OR they do understand but need silly shit like this to continue their worthless 'careers', and that is the major problem with all bureaucracy.
  7. BSAM


    Like all whores, the ones in D.C. are no different.
    I thought you knew, Lukie.
  8. BSAM


    Brother Piggy, you must understand, people who are bureaucrats do not think like working folks who must produce and understand a profit/loss factor.
  9. Well, now we know.