Apparently, Palin dumbs herself down to appeal to the national Republican base

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  1. I watched portions of the 2006 Alaskan Governor's debate. In that debate Palin did not adopt an affected, folksy "doggone, you betcha" facade. However, for an arguably more important Vice Presidential debate, she tried to come across as Elly May Clampett. It seems to me that she (or her handlers) chose to dumb herself down to appeal to the national Republican base. Watch portions of the gubernatorial debate and compare it with her recent performance against Biden. What other explanation can there be? She is talking down to the very people she wants voting for her!
  2. Next thing you know she'll have thousands of people on welfare sitting behind her with signs displaying vapid one word slogans like "Change" and "Hope."
  3. Which is better than what the Palin/McCain ticket is offering: "No Change" and "No Hope."

    Admit it, though, her affected behavior during her debate with Biden was decidedly low brow in comparison to her performance during the 2006 Alaskan Governor's debate. Evidently, she does NOT always act like Elly May meets Fargo. She was playing DOWN to her national base. DOWN to the people whose views are aligned with yours.
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    She is an idiot and everyone knows it.
  5. She certainly doesn't need to "play down" to folks whose views are "aligned" with mine. Neither myself nor any other Chicago trader I've talked to would vote for Obama if he stuck a shotgun up our asses.
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    You, understandably, miss the point, again. She already HAS the Republican base. She's now doing what she has to do in order to get a few DEM votes... duh!

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  8. Not very likely. As it is, she may well be costing the Republicans a contingent of their smarter brethren. Good riddance, eh? People who think are soooo elitist. Doggone, who needs 'em?
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