Apparently cocaine costs $559 per gram in Dubai...

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    Really love it how law enforcement pads the numbers to make it look like a bigger bust than it was. Basically you could buy 2 kilos of cocaine in columbia for $3k and resell it for over $1.1 million in Dubai and you are set for life. I find it hard to believe the Arabs over there are that desperate for it.
  2. ChDong


    speaking from experience cocaine feels good assuming you got it from a very trusted non cut source

    however, it isn't worth it because drugs destroy your spirit over time, which includes alcohol by the way

    I tried it once

    I don't drink, just some wine sometimes

    I don't smoke, I don't gamble in casinos, only at home looking at the market hehehhe :D :D
  3. A Dutch soccer fan got a match of his favourite team in Dubai as a present from his family cause his daughter had cancer or something and he had been going through a tough time for years.

    Anyway, smoking pot is legal in Holland and he still had some leftovers (less then 1/30 of an ounce) stuck in the pocket of his trackers....

    Don't know how it ended but Dubai wanted him behind bars for 20 years or some crazy shit like that.

    I'm guessing that might influence the street value of drugs in Dubai.

  4. I also tried it only once. My cousin bought 3 grams and we shared it among 4 of us. It was great while it lasted, but a few hours later and I felt a great depression of unhappiness. My cousin said that was normal, so I never wanted to try it again. In my opinion cocaine is a drug that gives you the experience of a manic depressive. Why anyone would want to keep going through that day after day and PAY for the experience is beyond me.