apPalin' on another taxpayer funded spending rampage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. yep, she shure is a good republicon. says one thing, facts prove otherwise.

    No wonder the rats with half a brain are jumping ship.

    The only ones left are the ones who think the earth is 6000 years old

    Sarah aPalin spends $50G on remodel jobs

    GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin spent more than $51,000 in taxpayer funds to remodel the governor’s Anchorage office suite and spruce up her mansion and office in Juneau, a Herald review of expense records shows.

    She's going to bring "change" to the white house alright.

    At the taxpayers expense.
  2. I was trying to listen to Air America, it's filled with petty, petty krap like this... the audience for liberal shit must be double digit iq folk that think that a fixed income from the taxpayers is all they will ever need...