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  1. I am having problems with a lot of momentary interruptions in my dsl. They seldom last more than a few seconds but occasionally a couple of minutes or more and this bothers me auite a bit. I have complained to bellsouth but they say the problem is on my end. I am wondering if there is software that will log these interuptions for me out there somewhere. I would also appreciate any input as to possible causes. tia
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    I have used for years - works fine. However, there may be better product available these days.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks bolter. I also hate my connectivity.:mad:
  4. Thx bolter. I looked at pingplotter but it was not exactly what I was looking for. It turns out that I had it all along. The XP event viewer logs every disconnect and reconnect with a timestamp in case anybody else wants to track this.
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    It doesn't log but I have found Stayconnected set to my broker DNS gives me an idea of when there is an issue with the internet e.g if a page is slow loading is that because of a disconnect or because of something at their end.
  6. Is there any way that software can cause you to lose your dsl connection? This is really puzzling me. The only time it seems to happen is when I have my trading software running which is TWS, Buttontrader and Quotetracker. It doesnt seem to me that software could cause you to lose your connection but what do I know? I the dsl light on my modem stays on during these outages and bellsouth says when that light is on the connection is ok. I guess I will take my router out of the equation and see if that makes any difference. Nobody else has had this problem?
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    Thank-You for the pingplotter recommendation. I just downloaded the standard version and am tracking my connectivity every 15 sec. I will probably change this to once a minute or so. A question if I may. If and when I loose connectivity, it should "reconnect" if and when I am back up, yes? and plot this??? I am thinking about going back to my cable supplier(Charter) with this info and expect some compensation from them.

  8. Nice one Bolter - but how do I get it to test ping times for TWS and eSignal? How do I get their IP address? Thanks - anyone.
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    As far as losing connections/modem light stays on/behind router:

    Found out my semi-regular brief disconnection had to do with 2 things:

    1) Firmware was not current on the router - Updated firmware through router's Admin.

    2) Dynamic IP address being reset and being behind a Dlink router - got a static IP address at

    entered that IP address into the router (through router's Admin) and disconnects stopped from that point forward.

    something to consider...
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    disconnect your pc from the router and try connecting straight thru to your dsl modem for a day. Most routers have built in firewalls that can act up. Remember to use XP firwall if you are not using your router.

    Good Luck.

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