Apollo to Buy Yahoo, AOL From Verizon -- implications for Yahoo Finance data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by ajensen, May 3, 2021.

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  2. I also use Yahoo Finance. Unfortunately there is no alternative.
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    When Verizon bought Yahoo, cookies and crump were instituted. Brace for additional hurdles in the near future.
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    No alternatives to do what?
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    If they show charts in interactive form (not image), data can be downloaded. They can disable download button, but that doesn't mean data can't be downloaded in some other way.
    However, I don't think some obscure download button is their nr. 1 priority after buying Yahoo.

    • Stock quotes
    • Option quotes
    • Option chains
    Yahoo Finance has the best layout, especially for the option chains. I would guess that 99% of ET'ers on these forums go to Yahoo Finance first while they are setting up a stock or option trade.

    If you know of a good alternative to Yahoo Finance please post it.
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    Mmmmm, ok, was going to suggest Googlefinance but regarding Options, that I don't think GF do, don't know as it's not my field.
    But for stocks, GF works for me, delayed data and can be slightly buggy at times but generally over a weekend when that happens.