APNewsBreak: Iran to discuss nuke arms claims

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  1. APNewsBreak: Iran to discuss nuke arms claims
    By GEORGE JAHN | Associated Press – 4 hrs ago

    VIENNA (AP) — Diplomats say Iran has agreed to discuss charges that it secretly worked on nuclear arms after refusing to do so for years.

    The two diplomats tell The Associated Press that the topic will be a main focus of talks set for Jan. 28, during a visit to Tehran by senior officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

    No date has previously been mentioned for the trip. Thursday's comments by the diplomats were also the first word that Iran was ready talk about the allegations after stonewalling requests to do so for more than three years.

    The diplomats spoke condition of anonymity because of confidentiality rules.

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    Get ready for another year or two of stalling and double talk. Worked for them before.
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    I get the feeling that Israel has had enough of Iranian yammering. :)
  4. My guess is it's no more than an attempt to take the pressure off because it's been getting to them (sanctions, Stuxnet, "assassinations", etc.). If that's the case I don't think it will work with Israel and I hope it won't work with us.
  5. I agree with this assessment (as far as seeking to take the pressure off). They are tired of the terrorism (minus the sanctions of course) being thrown their way, and, rather than retaliate in kind, they are looking to diplomacy for a reprieve.

    Man, that's just crazy.
  6. This is now public media talk about Israel trying to drag us into war with Iran. The consensus is they cannot do it alone. They our need our military might. We need to distance ourselves from this. The Roman's finally fell when the Goths overran them, I think, they were Germanic, I remember that for sure. It was their last war. Not because the Goth's were better warriors, but because Rome was war weary and out of money. This does not need to happen to us too.
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  8. Let Israel fight its own wars.