APL for Trading or TA

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Hittfeld, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Hittfeld


    Is anybody using APL or an apl based product for trading/analysis or otherwise??

    If so, which program and how would you rate it.


  2. I used APL for many simulation, but I will never used APL for to trade because the APL product are not enought reliable under Windows. These products have a lot of bugs under Windows and the language have some difficulty to run in modern OS because it have been thinking for computational purpose in earlier time. since this moment, some corporations have do an interesting migration of this language but this is not enought IMO.

    An alternative if your are ready to learn a new array language is J, this language have been written by the APL writter Iverson, interesting but have also drawback.

    Now, my preference go to Matlab and Mathematica for mathematical procesing. These language are also array oriented with a lot computational method and nice graphics. Some people used these language for to analyse the market, do a search on these language.
  3. What markets would you like to test and what time frame?