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  1. I am looking for a reliable API via socket that works on the Canadian Stamp Protocol. I have looked at Interactive Brokers and heard mixed reviews. Anyone have any good suggestions with experience of their own
  2. Actually I suppose this can use FIX protocol as long as it has some of the features of GTC or AON within the protocol
  3. most broker APIs available to end users do not use either FIX or STAMP. They are almost always proprietary.
  4. I understand that but the underlying protocol has to support those 2 order types which correct me if i'm wrong there is no AON on the american exchanges.
  5. the underlying protocol is irrelevant since you don't have access to it. As for AON, there are a number of brokers supporting that, including Ameritrade, optionsXpress, I believe IB has it, adn others
  6. What markets are you looking for?

    - The New Guy
  7. starting with tsx and tsxv moving to nq and ny eventually