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  1. hello community, recently I have heard apiary investment funds company and it grabbed my attention because I am new to trading and want to learn more about it.
    Has anyone heard about or tried this company before? I want to know how everyone thinks about this company.
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    I listened to Apiary Fund's online web information session. Here's basically the scoop:

    1. It's a remote FX trading arcade. They say that if you work up a track record with them you can manage up to $250K of capital.

    2. The basic deal is you pay $1000 for training plus a $97 a month platform fee. You demo trade for at least a month and then they give you a little capital (like $2500), then they increase you size as you do better. They cut your capital if you screw up.

    3. There is no one style, you do whatever works. You have access to their trading room where you get to watch their main guy day trade EUR/USD off 1 and 5 minute charts.

    4. You have to pay the $97 platform fee every month no matter what.

    The general impression I got was that it was a sucker's bet, because the sales pitch was pretty tough. During the info session I heard a very boiler-room type of comment: "You listened to this webinar for half an hour where you were told up front there was a $1000 cost of coming into this program, so if you're telling me that you can't afford it that's sounding like a cop-out".

    Also, they take down your contact info and then they called me once a week for over a month. Once it was pretty amusing because they called me up, got my voicemail, and forgot to hang up. I heard their sales force chatting with each other, and one was saying 'I couldn't figure out if this guy had money or not, whatever his deal is...'.

    If you do the math, it basically comes down to paying a $1097 option premium plus a continual fixed swap of $97 a month thereafter for the option to manage several thousand dollars of FX capital with a maximum upside of $250,000 with an 85% payout (and naturally that payoff won't happen right away).

    So if you do the math, figure they probably sign up a new person each day, and that works out to 30 a month times $1087, or $32,910 a month ($394,920 a year in total revenue). Then there's the gravy off platform fees and the few traders who manage to pull a profit net of the losers that mess with the small $2500 account. Not a bad deal for them, but is it a good deal for you? I think not.
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  3. My response to this is: Waive the training fees perpetually otherwise not interested in this sham. Either they are a trading operation or a training operation. It is obvious to me this operation more concerned with collecting monthly fees for education rather than providing risk capital. Training is only one aspect of trading, and if a real operation has aligned interest, they will train you to trade their way, or find someone who has demonstrated performance.

    FYI, once they have your number, expect numerous calls from tele sales people trying to get you to sign up.

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    Just watching the intro now. Too hard of a sell. Love the "I paid for my vacation by trading all before getting there". I thought I would do this just to test some other strategies I've been thinking of outside of my own fund...but the training fees are a joke. I think the concept is interesting. get a bunch of people interested in trading, give them trading and keep funding those that are doing well. Actually that's been done before (the Turtles)
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    Back in 2012 this was the OPs one and only post on this board. If the thing is still even in business the OP obviously worked there.