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Discussion in 'Trading' started by stav, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Does anyone have an opinion on this Fund? http://apiaryfunds.com/. They claim that they can train you on their prop methods and become successful in trading. So successful, that you can trade their own money.! Thinking to get on board it will cost me abt $700 for the 3 weeks training and abt $98/mo for data feed and charting. Talked to a recruiter on the phone, not very convincing, he's not trading himself.
    So, if someone has an opinion, just shoot.!

    PS there is this thread, http://www.trade2win.com/boards/trading-firm/128180-apiary-investment-fund-legit-scam.html, not all reviews are positive in here.
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    Thread missing, this is the answer to your question.:))
    Gave them a call long time ago, the rep didnt even know what a future is. Was not a trader himself, just a salesman. I declined his offer to take my money for a nebulous trading method.