API throttling w/ IB

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  1. If I'm retrieving a bunch of stuff, I often get disconnected from gateway due to pacing violations. Turns out, avoiding this is easy to do with ib_insync:
    I couldn't find any documentation on this, but there you go.
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  2. rb7


    'Pacing violations' due to what?
    Too many historical data request within a certain period?
    Or is it something else?
  3. There are two separate things that I'm aware of: too many historical requests and too many messages/second.
  4. MattZ

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    Let me connect you to the Rithmic API that will enable you to see the above.
  5. IAS_LLC


    Not sure what exactly you're referring to Matt, but lat time I checked, Rithmic API throttles historical data requests too...but in a very reasonable matter. It might also be a #bars/request throttle too, and not an absolute throttle on requests/second.
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  6. I’m sure that you’re aware of it, this +PACEAPI setting is talked about in the TWS API group. I believe you are subscribed to this group as well?
  7. I am subscribed, but never heard of it till I hit upon the magic keywords today. I should probably read it :)
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    As you mentioned, Rithmic may have some sort of throttling algorithm for historical market data but it is likely to be reasonable. I can see that they might need some sort of throttling otherwise someone could ask for all ticks for 10 years and affect the performance experienced by all other users.