API programming to trade/link 2 IB accts simultaneously through Excel

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  1. Is it possible to trade the same contract (in the
    opp. directions) on another acct based on conditions
    set in Excel spreadsheet that depends on the
    position size of the first acct...?

    i.e. can the real-time data be transmitted and
    calculated fast enough using a spreadsheet
    as an interface between 2 accts so that errors
    /slippage does not occur?

    Please see the thread on why I am looking for
    programmers (who at least have a rough idea/picture
    of what I am talking about before even giving me a price quote)?!

  2. The steps I gave in that thread is only an
    outline of my algorithm...some adjustments
    need to be made before it can be profitable...

    Nevertheless, a good api programmer should be able
    grasp the idea behind scaling linked trades in 2 accts
    through a common Excel spreadsheet that sets
    trade conditions for the 2 accts ...

    and to create the basic framework for it so that
    I can make the necessary modifications in the code
    or spreadsheet with the exact position sizing requirements
    for an almost always profitable trade...
  3. Yes... this is fairly trivial.

    If this was designed by a professional programmer...
    Internal latency would be negligible...
    On the order of 10 ms or less...
    If that was important.

    External latency...
    Stuff like is your "real-time data" actually "real-time"...
    Or delayed by a small amount like 100 ms or 500 ms or 1000 ms...
    Is a whole other ballgame.

    That's why no one designs serious trading systems using free quotes.
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    what are free quotes?
  5. Are you saying IB datafeed may have errors when it is done on 2 accts? Can the 2 accts interface directly?
    How do you incorporate a realtime feedback api in 2 IB accts that trades on interdependent scaling conditions?

    If you have experience in trading 2 accts and would like to discuss further in details how to optimise such a process, PM me.
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