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  1. Here we go again. I know there are other threads on this, but i did not see a definate solution.

    I plan to automate a strategy I have been using soon.

    Right now, the only game in town for a small guy like myself (2 contracts 1 trade a day) is IB.

    Does anyone out there know an alternative API to route emini orders to besides Tradestation, IB, TRACK, MB or wealthlab?

    Also, for IB users - anyone automate 9:30 - 4 PM trading, eminis, with no downtime?

    I plan to run this baby with my eyes closed.........
  2. TT / XTrader offers an API at quite an extra cost.
  3. Funny. I just got off the phone with them - thats like velocity futures correct?
    I like them, probably really good, but they want $500 - 1800 month to use API.
    As I said, I am 2 contract guy!
  4. I believe strategy runner can execute trades off several platforms. I don't know anything else about it but if you do a search here on ET you will find out a little more as its been discussed a few times here before.

  5. Elocaltrading offer protech which has a free API
    replacing JTrader.

    However their commissions are higher than IB.
  6. Yes. Commissions are a factor also. Even the $1 dollar difference (between $5 and $6).
    I guess my final question, is anyone using IB automated, and what are there thoughts?
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    Would you mind to give some more details? I did not find anything meaningful in the net.

    Thanks a lot!!
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    I have used IB automated via (my own) TSim+ which does auto-execution. I was generating the trade signals originally from SierraChart and more recently eSignal. The IB API is fine for this, it's stable enough, the only problems I had were TWS crashing as it does every once in a while but the newer versions seem much better, and besides if you do your stops properly you know your maximum risk in such a scenario.

    I don't do it any more but that's because I just can't get on with mechanical trading systems rather than any technical reasons - I never made a loss due to API issues ;)