API or FIX to IBgateway?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by trend2009, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. The IB Gateway client can be used to connect an API to route orders to IB, and it can be used to route FIX orders to IB. Does anyone know how efficiency of API method compared with FIX method?
  2. Hi trend,

    for a general comparison you could habe a look at http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=programInterface and select the 'Interface Comparison' tab. I think that the main difference between FIX and API is the numer of orders/second handled. Furthermore you have to pay for FIX ;( - but maybe you can reuse that interface with FIX interfaces from other brokers (not sure about that).

  3. thanks, Daniel. API do not have unbundled fee for directed routing, do you know if I use FIX for direct routing, it is also penalized?

  4. Sorry - don't know ;(
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    Curious if anyone knows the answer to this as well. I asked IB earlier this yr but got 2 different responses which is typical of their customer service knowledge.
  6. have you tried to send out direct-routing orders using FIX?

    I talked with one customer service person, she told me FIX will penalized. But I am quite doubtful, since that penalty is unacceptable for institutions where institutions use FIX instead of API.

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    That's what I assumed too. I haven't tried anything w/FIX yet because the only API stuff I have right now is fx trading. I want to move into equities but the unbundled issue w/ equity routing is giving me pause.