API IB Excel _ Pbl with downloading forex historical data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Maxime, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Maxime



    I'm testing IB API with Excel.
    I aim to use it as an automatic trading software (I already have a system)
    But on the demo I can't download the forex historical data (particulary EUR/USD). It still involve an error : "Historical Market Data Service error message:No historical market data is available for the exchange 'IDEAL' and the security type 'Forex' and '1 d' and '1 hour'"

    I need this datas to use my system (I'm on MT4 currently).

    An idea ?

  2. Maxime


    Someone has ever downloaded the forex historical data from Excel (with the API) ?
  3. You have to specify IDEALPRO, not IDEAL.
  4. Maxime


  5. That's funny, my quotes have 5 decimals (e.g. 1.25495)

    You're using the TwsDde.xls file that comes with the API?
  6. jsmith


    Did you try highlighting the cells and Format -> Cells?
    You can select the number of decimal places for Number or Currency.

  7. Maxime


    Thx for your answers.

    @ stevegee58
    Yes I'm using TwsDde.xls. I'v 5 decimals with the spot but 2 in the historical..

    @ jsmith
    Yes I did it ! But when I increase the number of decimals I've only "0" after the quote : 1.24 ==> 1.2400
  8. Islom


    Hi guys,
    of course you are right that you should indicate IDEAL PRO and the data is downloaded.
    BUT there is an easier way to download, use IBXL as it connects Excel to Interactive Brokers . Good luck