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  1. O.k This question is for anyone with experience programming the easy API excel blog specifically with regards to linking it with Interactive Brokers.. Is it possible to create a spreadsheet which sends orders to Interactive Brokers Globex servers. Specifically I want it to do just one thing... To read the moving average values of 2 parameters and then execute simple logic off it. So basically it would call the chart at regular sub 5 second intervals for the moving average values and then execute logic like if moving average A greater than moving average B THEN BUY and vice versa. Is this possible? I just had someone program something for me but it cant drill on the separations correctly when it comes to testing. Any advice on this one would be very appreciated. Basically I have a system that I want to test but I cant get an automated system that adheres to my very simple logic. It always screws up the separation between moving avreage values. IE I dont want it to go through at level pegging ie where both values are the same but rather at a distance defined by me. Thanks for any advice you can give


    I'm a experienced Microsoft Excel Developer, I can give advise and do some CPP coding, but I charge a fee.

  3. Trying to help. (free of charge :) )
    Possible causes:
    (1) Programmer made a mistake;
    (2) You did not explain things properly to your programmer;
    (3) You did not have as clear an idea as you thought you did.

    PS: computers NEVER screw up anything.
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    You can find something similar here http://www.indexfuturos.com/systems/smt.htm