API-capable platforms with front-ends/datafeeds built-in?

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  1. Logic


    I've been poking around with the commercially available execution platforms out there, and it seems like a lot of them just provide you with raw socket data and you have to build out the data parser / risk management.

    Does anyone know of a 'full-service' platform, ie one that provides:
    * parsed datafields accessible via API
    * front end for manual risk management/monitoring
    * simulation environment to 'fake' trades
    * (optional) ability to use historical data to backtest systems
  2. rosy2


    IB tws
  3. LeeD


    Interactive Brokers offer the first 3 (no backtesting). There are a few brokers out there that offer a free NinjaTrader, which should tick all 4 boxes.
  4. with tradelink you get 1,3,4 out of the box, and you build 2 very easily. besides being free/open source it'd work with 8 different brokers. see here:

  5. const451


    Does it run on Linux?

    Demo is on Windows and I couldn't find any references to the platforms it supports.

  6. we don't have any clients or reports of free users running on linux, but since .net can run on linux with mono it should be possible.

    we'd welcome anybody who wanted to do any work to make it easier to run on linux (eg package installer, pathnames).
  7. I saw the product; looks neat.

    I see that you are also very prompt in answering TradeLink questions. What is your business model? How are you able to provide such a prompt support on open source project?

    Are you primarily a trader or system developer? Do you use your product for live ATS?

    Keep up the good work.
  8. There's little utility to using it in Linux, because it looks like your code relies on data feeds to be installed already in order to use their COM objects or APIs. So getting tradelink to run on its own in the absence of other datafeeds is somewhat of an issue.

    I did look into tradelink and started using its source code to model some ideas, but some work would need to be done to get this to work correctly in Linux.
  9. cnbiz850


    Wonder if there is any progress in getting it to run on Linux?
  10. We do have one guy playing around with compiling it on mono now.

    Will try to get him to join the users list, so you can follow status there.
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