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    I mentioned this a little while back on the "Sharing Resources" thread.

    I'm interested in compiling some up to date information on brokers that offer facilities geared towards black-box trading.

    I'm particularly interested in standard fees charged etc. Many brokers do not advertise these things on their websites and they are probably open to a large amount of negotiation based on what their assessment is of your trading. However, it's still good to get some ballpark figures.

    There are specialists, such as Lime Brokerage and then there are regular Brokers like Interactive Brokers that offer APIs.

    If anyone has experience with these brokers, please add to this thread and I'll try to collate and compile the information.

    I gave some examples on the other thread to start things off:

    Broker: MB Trading
    API Languages:
    Client Software Needs to be running?: For Navigator API, yes, Navigator Software needs to be running. For FIX connectivity, no. Direct TCP/IP connection to FIX servers possible.
    FIX Supported:Yes
    API Costs: For FIX, $250 setup, $50 p/month after that (once testing finished)
    Co-location Offered: Server renting is offered (e.g. $100 p/m for basic Windows XP box). Not sure if can co-locate own server.
    Forced daily API logout?:Yes, for FIX server.
    Equities, Futures, Options?:Yes, all three.

    Broker: Interactive Brokers
    API Languages: Many. Any language that can make socket connection should work.
    Client Software Needs to be running?:
    For TWS API, yes, TWS needs to be running.
    For FIX, other "gateway" software needs to be running. TWS does not.
    FIX Supported: Yes, separate FIX API available.
    API Costs: For TWS API, no extra costs.
    FOR FIX API, $100 p/m???
    Co-location Offered:Not sure
    Forced daily API logout?:Yes.
    Equities, Futures, Options?:Yes, all three.
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    TWS API is not designed for automated trading. It is more like another TWS for interactive trading because of it's asynchronous delivery of data to client. The API itself does not guarantee the automated trading programming. It all depends on how it's designed.
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    Does GNDT support trading FX? I didn't see anything about it on their website, so I'm guessing not. I'd be tempted to give them a shot if they did...
  6. They only support equities. No futures, no FX, no options.

    They are saying this for past many months that OPTIONS will be coming soon.
  7. '

    They have options - we trade them through Genesis, just not automated.
  8. Ah, that means you can trade options their laser platform. How does that work for individual customer?
    Correct me if I'm wrong; their retail platform (SogoElite/SogoTrade) has no support for options as of now.