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  1. This thread is meant to keep many of you entertained throughout the week. Every so often, I will post something of interest on this thread that will either humor you, make you think or otherwise somehow enliven your day.

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  2. Apple ran a bunch of switch ads featuring people from all walks of life claiming that Apple computers changed their lives when they switched over from IBM compatibles.

    However, little did Apple know that apparently Ellen Feiss was a little "out of it" when she did the switch ad. Rumors circulated around the net and she instantly became an overnight celebrity. Jay Leno and Letterman both asked her to appear on the tonight show, and MTV is considering a pilot with Ellen Feiss.

    All of this got started over the following switch ad:


    Watch the ad with a broadband connection and judge for yourself. Is she stoned or just tired?

    Then, do a search on Google and check out the Ellen Feiss fanclub.
  3. Q. How do you confuse Aphie?

    A. Put him in a circular room and tell him to sit in the corner.


  4. LOL:D

    i think aphie could "find" a corner in a circular room given enuf time:D
  5. He is just looking for an edge ...
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    Why not offer him a job in the Bahamas?

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    Hey everyone - since putting the boy on "ignore" I found all threads about the boy fun to read.

  8. You never know ...
  9. aphie dude, when are you gonna come up with super ES daytrading monster system?:D

  10. Wouldn't where the circular walls meet the floor and ceiling be considered a corner?
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