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  1. savage


    Am I the only one sick of reading 300 posts by Aphie every freakin day. I know there are some people on here with nothing else to do...but, GET A LIFE DUDE.

  2. The problem stems from the "most active members" list and the post counter.

    He isn't the only one though. Gordon G only has 14 posts today (I counted them). I suppose he is slowing down.

  3. i've been ill (sore throat, went to the dr. 2x) for like 3 weeks. so yes, i can admit i haven't had much of a life lately. :mad: my long term average is 2.83 posts per day since 11-03-01.

    it's a little ironic that the starter of this thread is telling people to "get a life" and at the same time, he starts a thread that is nothing but complaining about the # of posts a person makes. who really gives a f#ck?!? i rest my case.

    p.s. here's #15 for today. :)
  4. savage


    That's nothing. Aphie has 35 posts all ready today and it's only 6:30 EDT.
  5. I like aphie. Yes, he has been posting prolifically of late, but most of it has been very informative (such as sharing his recent work and thoughts on better ways to track trading action). Moreover, both he and GG post interesting questions about trading, TA, strategy development, etc.

    Hmmmm... guess this is one of my shortest postings. Now if ET only had a word count to go with the post count, I'd be very happy.:D

  6. savage


    Hey, man. I'm only posting because i have to weed through all the shit to get to the good stuff.
  7. u130747


    Aphie needs to trade with real money rather than post posts.

    Then the posts will slow down. You can talk the talk but you must walk the walk.

    Bert:D :D :D
  8. I am one who tends to post a lot on some days...actually mostly in the evening...very late. My mind still wants to think, and I enjoy the thoughts of some of the guys here.

    But I gotta ask... you counted someone's posts? C'mon buddy, all that beautiful water down there, the great fishing, the fabulous sunsets, Siesta Key's baby powder sand...and it dawns on you to count someone's posts.

    Three years ago this time I would have been coming in the jetty with a load of grouper from 20 miles out. You knw fresh grouper is all about the seasoning. The fish itself is so fresh it almost is without taste.
  9. savage


    "Aphie needs a life
    Aphie needs to trade with real money rather than post posts.

    Then the posts will slow down. You can talk the talk but you must walk the walk."


    AMEN! Alphie is gonna get his ass kicked with real money and then he'll slow to a few posts a day and then disappear altogether.

  10. Some of us would have a higher per day average, but we use several member names. And yes Sarasota, I feel cheated, in the "standings". :D
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