Aphie... awesome work with jasper.subzonex.com

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  1. Nice going man. Your site is really looking good. The home page is excellent. Very nice work. Great info. What else are you planning to do?

    And Jasper has been working great... very fast... no glitches. Thx Aphie.

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    grats to that

    and I agree with you Jasper's nice...
  3. Thanks WD, as I understand it, the buffet in the Elite dining room is now free!

    So just pay for the steamed veggies and sit at my table... I'll pass the prime rib over to you. I don't eat much lunch anyway, but since I am entitled to one, you know, someone might as well benefit. I do eat the veggies though, so I can't help you there!

  4. BUT its still does not work for me (Win98) and in fact it is even worse now than before.

    No big deal, fortunately there are alternatives, for instance croc's Futures Trader www.futures-trader.net that does work for me. And so does Auto Trader. I mention this just for those who still use Win98. I realize that this is a minority, but they still exist.
  5. Ditto...
  6. Whamo


    Hey Wally, with all that money your system brings in each day why don't you shell some of it out and get a real OS. I mean really, depending on your livelihood with an OS that's known to be unstable at best and is many years old makes me wonder if you trade at all...
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    I may have said this before, but speaking for myself, I have no need to go to a different OS because mine has been pretty much bullet proof as long as I've been using it ('98 / second edition). Maybe there are a few of us out there still. I run IB, E-signal, Datek's Streamer, and whatever web window, all at the same time with no problems... for years.

    But in anycase: C'MON APHIE! THROW US '98 GUYS A FRIGGIN BONE!

  8. Good points, I have no need for another operating system, because the one I have works well and I have already invested a lot of time and money to get it well optimized. Switching to another OS just to be able to use the latest program on the block is moronic to me, to say the least, not to mention that it means a lot of hassle too. Also, as I pointed out there are programs out there that do a good job even if you use Windows 98SE.

    And if I really wanted I could write a really fast program using Delphi that would access the IB data feed without Active X or DDE, but have no time for that either. It would work under Windows 98SE for sure.
  9. The unstability of Windows 98SE is seriously overblown, pretty much as your claim that to be successful in this field you need the most powerful OS. No, you need the edge, the OS can give you a psycho-crutch, but nothing else.

    As far as my most popular system is concerned, the one you may know anything about, it does not trade even every day, so you are not very correct, again.
  10. inandlong,

    Thank you!

    I don't have much time right now so I'll make this short and followup with a longer post tomorrow.

    My goal is to design stuff for traders to help them. Once I get it working perfectly for 2000/XP, then I can install other operating systems and test it with them.

    IB is very specific about their interface for security reasons. You use their API or DDE. They change their API frequently and it causes me to have to change Jasper.

    I know people still use Win 98 and I want to accommodate them, but most people that hit my site are running NT, XP, 2000 -- so I'm trying to get something to the largest audience first. I don't intend to leave Windows 98 out in the cold, but I most likely won't be testing it for Windows 95.

    Even apart from stability issues, Windows 98 is much more vulnerable to attacks, viruses, etc than Windows 2000 and XP. Windows 98se is great for a gaming platform but, in my honest opinion, shouldn't be used as a business OS. If you're in a large trade with several thousand shares and your OS crashes, that might cost you many times more than a new computer, let alone purchasing a new OS.

    The way Windows versions less than NT/2000 registers DLL's is also a nightmare. New programs can cripple other programs and system DLL's. I've run all of the Microsoft operating systems and Windows 2000 with the latest service pack is by far the most reliable, stable and trustworthy OS for business use apart from Unix operating systems.
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