** aphexcoil's 3000th post pArTy!! **

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wong Lee, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee


  2. yay
  3. It might explain why I'm getting laid off! hahahahaha!!!!!
  4. yea well the dude still cant trade.
  5. anyone still remember aphie's first big thread about making a million, 2 ES points a day, and getting a new Porsche to impress that bitch who left im? O the good ol times... All dreams ruined now. No ambition left, is there aphie?
  6. the supercomputer rental was my personal fav
  7. Aphie has evolved greatly from the immature piker he used to be. Alfonso too. It's so nice to see these kids growing up right before our eyes.