Aphexcoil defends himself

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Sep 19, 2002.

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  1. It was for fun when I put it up. I also put my picture up on lavalife and, yes, I did get laid with that one. In fact, she was *HOT*.

    You never know what you will get in life, but I have learned that it never hurts to ask.
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  2. LMAO, ha ha ha ha, LMFAO!!
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  3. ROFL!!!

    Damn, that made my weekend!!!
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  4. tampa


    My guess is that he gets laid as often as he trades...
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  5. nitro



    nitro :D
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  6. NDQnCA

    NDQnCA Guest

    that website is pretty sad- especially the fat girls that wrote to tell you that you are hot- you look like a total chump- nice pic with your shirt off- (you look like an 11 year old boy too- try hitting the gym sometime) - and a leather jacket on- i mean how fucking cheesy is that?? get some style kid. and you list one of your hobbies is riding- yeah i bet it is homo. quit posting and talking shit and especially quit talking like you know what the hell you are doing with trading when you don't trade with real money. maybe when you can score some decent gains, develop a system and trade it profitably, then you can talk, but until then, be humble and its cool to seek knowledge here, but you don't have to be an ass about it. and honestly, good luck trading- i'm not trying to knock someone who is hustling and getting theirs, but you need to step into the ring (with your 5G's lol) with the rest of us and slug it out- then you will see how hard this business is and how many people disredit you now because you DON'T TRADE and a lot of your 600 somehing posts are bullshit. later.
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  7. Aphid's got over 500 posts on usenet, mostly misc.invest.stocks. Check out these two quotes from Aphid the "master trader."

    "This isn't a Bear market -- this is merely a slight correction. We're headed to 40,000."

    "We are merely in a pull-back phase and my prediction is DOW at 40,000 by summer 2003."
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  10. Maybe I should post my address so you can come into my place and go through all my shit and find out what kind of porno mags I read?

    Then you can find out who my ex-girlfriends were and ask them how I was in bed -- and whether or not I had a little penis.

    Contrary to popular belief, I have put my balls on the line and posted option plays on Usenet. If you were so diligent and took the time to review them, you would see that most of them were pretty profitable.

    However, you just cut and paste some crap where I was messing around and it was totally out of context.

    I'm sure I could take any one of your lives and cut out a snippet and paste it somewhere and make you look like something you are not.

    Give it a break, people. This bullshit is getting old.
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