Aphexcoil defends himself

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Sep 19, 2002.

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  1. Nice trading.
    #21     Sep 20, 2002


    it's a freakin' message board for fucks sakes......it's not like you'r talking to real people....it's just an anonymous name....means nohting.....at leas that's the way i see it......

    obviously if we were meeting in real, we'd all be a bit more congenial (me especially!!!)......but as it is, WHO GIVES A FUCK!

    i don't know about you guys, ...but i've been goin' at it on message boards for a long time....started back in '94 on the usenet newgroups talking basketball........that's probably way before most of you here even knew what the fuck the internet was....

    some people always find something to get upset about....there's just no pleasing everybody.....so fuck it, i don't even try....

    aphie, you don't have to apologise.....and, actually, by doing so, you're just drawing more attention to yourself....and it's actually pretty sickening to read....like a love starved baby.....
    just be yourself......sure, some people aren't gonna like ya...(personally i can't really be fucked reading what you write, especially since you write so much..), but i gotta admit.....having a bash at ya has its moments and keeps ET fun.....
    so screw what people think of you... (and i think i'm pretty qualified to say that!:))
    #22     Sep 20, 2002
  3. Daniel_fuckstick m=--
    Is a fruitcake dancer who loves to wear leotards and play with ken dolls while waiting for his dancing instructor
    #23     Sep 20, 2002
  4. nitro




    I am glad I am not your enemy any more [although it might be more fun]

    What happened to metoo's lunch box up his ass?

    #24     Sep 21, 2002
  5. Carboxyl


    Apology accepted, let's forget the past and move on to a brighter future! :D
    #25     Sep 21, 2002
  6. sub7slak


    What did he do?
    #26     Sep 21, 2002
  7. If today was September 11, 2001.... would we be here fighting with one another?:confused:
    #27     Sep 21, 2002
  8. nitro...peace brother,
    #28     Sep 21, 2002
  9. How many of you saw this:


    I did some very detailed searching, with a proprietary search engine, and I also found this.....

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.....

    There is nothing wrong with being uh, a, well, you know....there is nothing wrong with being a "sensitive guy."
    #29     Sep 21, 2002
  10. You can't be serious about the page?

    Aphie, if it is real, did you get laid from that?
    #30     Sep 21, 2002
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