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    I have been using MB Trading who uses Apex clearing but recently, they have been rejecting my orders using 4x buying power because they decided that a lot of stocks should have .45 initial margin requirement. MBT says they go with whatever Apex's requirements are. I asked nobletrading, who also clears through Apex about margin requirements for certain stocks, and they were all .25. One of them is lying. Anyone know any other firms that clear through Apex and has NOT had any trouble putting 4x into pretty much any stock? I was thinking all firms who clear through Apex would be the same, but that may not be the case.

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    I can help if you would like to list some of the symbols. Their risk premiums are typically for low volume stocks, stocks without 30 days of volume so they can't do the calculations and stocks where your position is a large large % of daily volume.

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    LNKD, YELP, CTRP, WTW, RVBD, etc, these are the types of stocks that MBT is shitting the bed on. Normal stocks. I don't trade tiny stocks.
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    When you say tiny, I was referring to low volume. Many preferred stocks are lower leverage because they have low volume, like bank preferred issues.
  5. My broker clears through Apex and those tickers all have normal .25 margin.

    I ran into a problem earlier this summer when they said I had a "concentrated position".
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    I also clear through Apex and will get spread sheets like this showing changes in DT buying power and over night margin.

    Column B,C,D,E Stock Requirement

    Column B- Long overnight

    Column C- short overnight

    Column D- Long overnight

    Column E- short overnight

    Column F,G Stock Requirement

    Column F- Long Day Trade

    Column G- Short Day Tradde

    Column H,I Short option Requirement

    Column H Short Option Requirement

    Column I Minimum Short option requirement
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    Customer Portfolio Margin would fix some of these issues.
  8. ellevers


    True. But at Apex I believe they want a min of 250K to have a PM account.
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    Correct and most brokers ask for higher to start then you have to maintain $250K to keep PM.

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    I'd love to know what that broker is. I've called other Apex clearing brokers and they have said that they use whatever margin requirements apex uses and LNKD is .45 at all of them, though my MBT platform says .25. My platform is always wrong, it never changes.
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