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    Hi all,

    This is my first quote. I would like to ask you something because I haven't found the answer. I ve been analyzing APCVZ. Althought it quotes on Nasdaq it is not an stock but a CVR (Contingent Value Right). CVR gives to holders an opportunity to participate in any excess Adjusted EBITDA (non a GAAP figure) generated during the three years ending December 31, equal 2.5 times the amount by which cumulative Adjusted EBITDA exceeds $1.267 billion. The maximum amount payable is $6.00 per CVR. Ok. I hope I have explained correctly. The point is that the Adjusted EBITDA acumulated to June 2010 is $847. This means that the Adjusted EBITDA has to be $420 to reach the tarjet.

    After analyzing in detail financial statements for Fresenius Kabi Pharma Holding Inc and Fresenius Medical AG I think that it can not reach the target and CVR will expire valueless. So. I have been trying to figure out how I can be short on APCVZ but I have not been able to discover it. I am only able to buy but not to sell.

    Somebody has the anwser?

    Thanks in advance!