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  1. what a prick- this guy should be investigated.... he is a crooked son of a bitch.........
  2. speak for yourself. I thought he was great today!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Pretty unusual day for APC. Amazing how it sold off all day, then they announced a gas find. Probably just a coincidence.
  4. im just pissed cuz i sold it right before the announcement :D
  5. dude next to me lost 6k.....sold 50's on ecns, got out at the FU print up top. Nice little squezze after that though.:D
  6. Dustin


    Exact same thing happened to me for 1100 shares. Ugh...
  7. I have to say, I am amazed at how many guys here play him. He took me for a ride also, I didn't lose that much but I definitely wish I hadn't have traded him today.
  8. yeah, he was just an asshole, wouldnt fill anyone and just squeezed everyone today-
    I reestablished a long position in it on the pullback, hopefully this POS will creep up tommorrow on the announcement, I have it hedged with an APA short, check out the spread on a 1:1 ratio, historically, its pretty damn overblown and due for a retracement.......
  9. Never traded him before today...but when it pops up in play you gotta go for it. Does he always gap and crap like that.....or was it just the news???
  10. trader99


    He's such an ASSHOLE!! Who the f**k* moves 30 cents on 1 min bar?!!

    Luckily I had gotten out most of my short. But still screw me on the last half of the position I have on.

    gosh. lil f*cker!

    How long does it take to fill a market order? 10mins?! wtf?!


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