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  1. Hey everybody,

    I've been reading all of your posts for years now ever since I began investing in 2007 and have learned so much from everyone that I think now it is only fair that I give back a little.

    About me...I've tried everything under the sun but what seems to work best for me is investing in value oriented macro and micro opportunities, under spending whenever possible and working hard at a decent paying job. With these three strategies I am beginning to approach the millionaire milestone much sooner than expected.

    Feel free to ask any questions that you like and I'll try to answer them as best that I can. I'll post whatever new investments I make on an ongoing basis so you can follow along if you like. If you need a quicker response check me out on twitter @Apbideas.

    Thanks again to everyone.
  2. Seeing an opportunity in Keurig Green Mountain GMCR. Added to an existing investment today on 6/25/15 at a price of $79.44 per share.
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    Since Coffee prices are in downtrend and might bottom out in July, Keurig might come down more as well, it is in a healthy downtrend.
  4. You're right, I tend to be a little early with all of my investments...but I also think that others tend to be a little late. When I see the risk/reward ratio tilt towards reward I don't hesitate. I feel that as long as I keep a long term (multi-year) perspective, entry points tend to be less relevant in the larger scheme of things.
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    I lost too much in my youth to buy early, you selling any calls to try to often the losses? Coffee really more of a fall/winter/early spring drink and summers unless you doing cold coffee drinks that Keurig doesn't specialize in, might be couple months till it goes up.
  6. Selling calls is an interesting idea especially with volatility this high but my position regarding hedges is usually to just own less of an asset rather than hedging it. It has been my experience that hedges can be just as unpredictable as the original investment adding unecessary complexity. That being said...I do really like the idea of selling calls.
  7. Seeing an opportunity in selling volatility. Opened an initial investment today in XIV on 7/7/15 at a price of $37.58 per share.
  8. Seeing an opportunity in MLPs. Added to an existing investment in MLPL today on 7/22/15 at a price of $36.29 per share.
  9. Seeing an opportunity in Biotech. Opened an initial investment in LABU today on 7/27/15 at a price of $44.81 per share.
  10. Seeing an opportunity in Energy. Added to an existing position in ERX today on 8/6/15 at a price of $34.00 per share.
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