Apartments In New York Got Really Cheap

Discussion in 'Economics' started by misterno, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. why do I feel like your renting your apartment on et:D
  2. wait, is that rent or purchase price?
  3. I'd guess 1895 per month rent. 189k wouldn't make sense for the purchase price, too low.
  4. The rent is $18,950 per month

    Read it again
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  6. $1,895????

    why is it so cheap?
  7. That's about market value for a clean dump steps away from Port Authority!
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  9. There is a well known scam running on Craigslist 'For Let' boards now. The scam artist will post a flat/home for rent at an extremely attractive price, and then collects as many security deposits from as many people as possible. Lots of permutations, but you get the drift.

    You cannot assume the ads are legit. That they grabbed your attention enough to prompt you to link them on ET strongly suggests they are scam ads. That would be my bet.
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