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  1. I am 18 years old and will be moving down to Chicago on Thursday and taking a job as a proprietary trader at one of the local prop firms in the downtown area.

    They are starting me out working the asian shift so I wouldn't be getting off work until around 1am. Does anybody know of any good apartments downtown that are fairly cheap, clean, good security, etc? The office is about 2 blocks away from Presidential Towers but I have heard that this is not a very good apartment complex and has many problems.

    I have also heard that the place to be is lincoln park especially if your a young guy and want to be with the college crowd (which would be nice). However isnt that like 15 minutes from downtown? Based on my salary I really couldn't afford to take a cab that far every night.

    Even if I could be lucky enough to find an apartment within a couple blocks how safe would it be to walk that distance at 1am?

    Any help you guys can give me would be I move Thursday and the clock is ticking for me haha!
  2. 1) Comb through the real estate ads on Craigslist/Chicago. Instead of an apartment, go through the room/share ads so you don't have to "commit" to something longer than you want. Do the same with the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times and Chicago Reader. Travel lightly here. Just bring a few weeks change of clothes with you and nothing else.
    2) Since you are 18, it'll probably be tough for you to hang out with a college-crowd. By the way, the drinking age here is "21".
    3) Instead of taxi cabs, you could rely on the CTA buses and trains to get around. Hopefully, your office and "pad" will be close to the main routes.
    4) The streets are reasonably safe, as long as you don't venture into any ghetto or barrio areas. :cool:
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    Also, ask around at your place of employment.Someone there may be up for a roomate.If nothing else they will be able to give you the lay of the land.
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  5. Thanks guys.....yeah I think im just going to get a place in Lincoln Park. That way im with the college crowd (Oh and believe me I can hang with that bunch) and I know quite a few guys that go to DePaul and live in Lincoln Park. I think it will be worth the $10 cab fare every night :D
  6. I live in Lincoln Park and don't take cabs unless I leave the bar late with the gf drunk and whining about taking one.

    Cabs are rude, over priced and quite honestly not worth it to me. Live near the Fullerton L and you'll be able to take the train down. Red line is 24/7 since you say you'll be starting/ending late at night. Brown Line also goes to Washington/Wells (runs until 2am) which is just a few blocks walk from your firm.

    If the firm is near Presidential towers you might want to consider living off Halsted in Lincoln Park as you can ride the Route 8 bus almost door to door.

    As for bars, Kelly's on DePaul's campus is still easy to get into underage. Gin Mill was until they got hit with too many raids and now as Hi Tops it completely sucks and no one goes. Might also want to try The Apartment on Lincoln on the weekend.

    Craigslist is the best route to go to find a place to live.

    Good luck!
  7. Very true. I actually overheard one in a bar some time ago that said "I starting dating a trader, and the money is just so nice"

  8. Thanks man I really appreciate it!

    Now fullerton L is in lincoln park or in downtown? Sorry im not that familier with Chicago yet. If I were to live near fullerton L your saying I would be able to take the L straight from work to home? Is it safe to take the L at 1am?

    Halsted is a part of lincoln park? So if I lived near there I could take the bus straight from work to home as well? How much are bus fairs? Is it safe to ride the bus at 1am?

    haha thanks for the tips on the local establishments in lincoln park! I look pretty old and shouldn't have any trouble....hopefully!

    Any other advice you could give me would be great! If you were in my place where would you look for a place in lincoln park and what part of lincoln park would you stay in if you had a job from 4pm-1am at a firm right by presidential towers?

    Thanks Again

  9. Yeah I think im going to like it in Chicago! :D
  10. The L is fine at 1am. In the winter might be a few bums on the "mobile hotel" but other than that no problems.

    Halsted isn't a part of LP, but rather a street. I was suggesting you live near there as there is a bus that can take you right to where your office is. The bus is $2 but most people that commute downtown get an unlimited ride pass for $86/month. This comes in handy for when you take the bus/L to other places besides work. Many places even have a transit benefit where it can be paid for pre-tax, but I doubt a trading firm would offer this unless you are at a DRW or Infinity Cap Mgmt type firm.

    You'll just have to go out and look at apartments and you'll know when you see the right one. Be careful with the apartment finding services, if you use one they are hit and miss depending on the agent. Personally I dealt with one once only because they were the listing agent, but I never did the other times I rented.

    You may want to check out the DePaul area of Lincoln Park. Very collegiate feel and cheap apartments yet close to transportation. Also very close to good parties and plenty of ready and willing co-eds!
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