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  1. Hey Everyone well after 6 months of development I have finally created an automated dynamic price zone indicator. It basically identifies Support/Resistance Zones. Most people that trade this system call them supply and demand zones. I'm going to start into automation cycle soon but I thought I would share some of the basic system screenshots. It's on NinjaTrader right now, but soon it will be on Tradestation too. I'm thinking that I would like to make it as popular as like an RSI indicator. That would be cool.
    so this system projects all these zones on the right side of the chart and 5 bars infront of price.
    I've come up with bounce count colors. The idea being the more time price bounces off a zone the weaker it is.
    Zone colors are as follows:
    new zone = aqua
    1st bounce = blue
    2nd bounce = yellow
    3rd bounce = purple
    dead zones that price as already gone through = grey * support become resistance/ visa versa
    Here's a chart that shows that
  2. I use this system on 6 different timeframes. By doing this I get a very accurate idea of what's the story behind the charts. I am also able to run around with very tight stops on any market. I personally really like the crude oil market which moves extremely fast.
    This methodology is discussed more so on the website.

    Here's an interesting chart. After 3 bounces, a zone will turn to gray, and yet now if the system calculates a zone inside or touching that area it will draw that zone. Here's a real life example of it.
    Maybe someone could make some money using this chart today or tomorrow.


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  3. If you want to see more or want details about the methodology I've posted it all on the website. Just Google APA Zones. I would love to see if anyone else on here looks at the markets like this.
  4. Here's what my charts look like on a day-to-day trading basis. I'm looking for the confluence of these zones. Then, once 3 out of 5 of the charts line up with zones in the same area, I use the secret chart (fuzzy one) to get into the market.

  5. It's really good at finding support and resistance levels in real time and remembering those levels even if they are years old. If you guys want to check it out there's a free trial for ninjatrader you can check out the website apazones.
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